Pre-Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Torres' Class

Each child is unique – a special gift from God to be cared for, loved and nurtured. Children should grow and learn to have fun.

At Grace, children’s exploration is the essential component of our curriculum and considers the process of learning rather than the product. Learning takes places as the child touch, manipulate, and experiment with things and interact with people. The activities for children are developmentally appropriate, challenging and promote success for the child because they are geared to the child’s development stage.

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Grace Lutheran pre kindergarten

Curriculum Standard for Grace Lutheran

Language Activities offers the child the opportunity to..

  • Develop discrimination skills
  • Tell stories in sequence
  • Identify relationships between objects, letters and words
  • Use letters and words to represent objects
  • Verbally describe activities conducted, thus fostering language developement

Math Activities offers a broad range of opportunities for the child to..

  • Discover basic math concepts by exploration and experimentation
  • Use a variety of materials for weighing and measuring
  • Use concrete materials to develop abstract concepts
  • Classify a variety of objects
  • Develop problems solving skills

Jesus Time offers the Child a chance to..

  • Learn of God’s Love for every child
  • Enjoy the excitement of the stories from the Bible
  • Learn Godly attributes and behaviors
  • Develop a love for Jesus and a desire to please Him

Art Activities enables the child to..

  • Work with a wide variety of materials
  • Experience sensory pleasure by working with different media
  • Experiment with color, shape, texture and paints
  • Create an expression of self
  • Develop fine muscle control and eye-hand coordination

Reading Corner allows the child to..

  • “Read pictures”
  • Extend understanding of various means(photographs, words, and illustrations) for expressing thoughts and feelings
  • Develop personal reading interest
  • Use picture clues to predict fantasy or reality in a story

Block Center helps the child to..

  • Enjoy the manipulation of blocks
  • Improves small and large muscle coordination
  • learn to share ideas and word together in a group
  • Develop concepts such as big, little, more than, less than, equal to, shape, sizes & so on..
  • Express creativity
  • Have the opportunity for non- verbal expression and emotional release

Dramatic Play allows the child to..

  • Construct the world as he/she sees it
  • Act out feelings and emotions in comfortable setting
  • Role-play real life situations
  • Practice language and social skills
  • Interact with other children in an informal situation

Manipulative’s allows children to..

  • Improve fine muscle and eye-hand coordination
  • Develop visual discrimination skills
  • Practice problem solving skills
  • Enjoy the manipulation of various materials

Science Activities stimulates the child to..

  • Explore and experiment
  • Use a variety of materials for weighing and measuring
  • Develop skills in using the scientific method of problem solving – observing, identifying problems, predicting, testing prediction and generalizing
  • Use source materials in problem solving
  • Discover nature

Cooking Activities provides numerous occasions for the child to..

  • Plan and work with others
  • Learn measurement concepts by experimenting with many forms of measuring
  • Read Pictorial directions
  • Enjoy creating an edible product
  • Develop language skills through interaction with adults and other children

Pre-Kindergarten Schedule

  • All Day Students begin to Arrive
  • Morning Day Care Begins
  • Half Day Students Begin to Arrive
  • Outdoor Play
  • Snack Time(Outdoor Lunch Tables)
  • Jesus Time
  • Inside Centers/Art Studio
  • Group Time
  • Story Time
  • Lunch
  • Half Day Students Dismissed
  • Rest/Quiet Time
  • Inside Centers
  • Outside Play Time
  • Half Day Student Dismissed
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Closed